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Reflections from Amy

November 20, 2014

The connection in health care to the impact we make in our patients’ lives is astounding. I attended a conference last week that focused on health care leadership, but the underlying theme was tied to our stories in health care. We all have one; that moment in time that lives so clearly in our minds that we will never forget. I actually have a few of those moments, but one that I want to share happened in the Clarion hospital. I still remember people asking me if I was really going to have our twins in Clarion.  As it turned out, I am so very glad we did for several reasons.

1. Dr. Whitters - I was so thankful he was in Clarion when I went into labor five weeks early. What an amazing comfort to see him and know without question that we were in good hands. He calmly told me the boys were definitely coming and went over our options. See, he had just had another grandchild that weekend, and I was convinced he wouldn't be there. 


2. Jenn Mewes - She had promised she would be there, and after Dr. Whitters left the room and I was just about ready to panic, in walks Jenn. She kept her promise. She conveyed an outward calm that everything would be fine. I could breathe again.


3. Dr. Gabrielson - He shared that one of the boys was breach so we would be doing a c-section and all would be fine. His confidence in his plans brought immense comfort. No worries, we were in good hands. I was also very grateful to see him as he and Lindy were expecting around that same time, and I wasn't sure if he would be around.


4. Tricia Polzin - Just seeing her face brought comfort to us. I knew without a doubt that we were in good hands. All her pediatric experience and her quiet calm brought peace. 


5. Dr. Nagel - His calm, quiet reassurance made a huge impact. Just his presence alone brought me comfort, and I knew the boys were in good hands. 


6. The surgery team - What an amazing group. I can't remember everyone so I am naming the team… always so calm even with the unplanned. What an incredible group that kept me distracted with conversation during the c-section. 


7. Dr. Smith - He happened to be in the building and was pulled in to help. His kind eyes and quiet presence brought peace to a chaotic situation.


I remember all of the little things that made that such an incredible experience. The kind words, someone telling me that everything would be fine, the smile to let me know everything was okay. I remember them bringing the boys to me before they were flown to Des Moines. I remember someone staying with me until my mom could get there. Rick and the boys were on their way to Des Moines, and I could have been scared and alone if not for our awesome team. Even though this happened almost nine years ago, I still remember it vividly, and it still brings tears to my eyes.


These are the small things you do every day without thought, because you are care providers. These small things mean more than you will ever know as they decrease anxiety for our patients. So, put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, because you have a lasting impression to make. 


-Amy McDaniel, CEO - Belmond Campus


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