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December 28, 2017

I was reviewing my resolutions for this year and I had one left to achieve – an 8 minute mile on the treadmill … I’m so close.  BUT – I decided this may be a fiscal year resolution (year ending June 30, 2018) so I would still have six months to achieve.  I’m still considering going for it this week (I’m at an 8.5 mile right now) and I could seriously end up dead at the back of the treadmill up at the fitness center.  If I don’t do an article next week, you’ll know I went for it.  

Aside from the frigid cold weather, I’m actually not bad with this time of year.  What could make up my sunny disposition?  I talked this over with the family at Christmas and I think the “good place” has a lot to do with no pet in my life.  Yes, I know the whole “fur baby” thing, but I am at a place in my life where I’m just good with visiting animals and not living with animals.  Plus, the cat I boarded for five months last year scared the living God out of me. (and bit me and scratched all of my furniture and sprayed urine when agitated, which was often)  I think this is reason enough for a good mood.  

I’m thinking 2018 is a year of opportunity.  Years ago I wrote about the concept of everything flowing in the right direction – like a river.  All is great and successful when the current is strong and things are moving in the right direction.  If though, you get caught in whirlpool, you don’t flow with the river – instead you get caught up in circular pattern.  IF we want to be successful and move, we need to focus on helping each other – through transparency, opportunity and great communication – otherwise, we end up bickering in a circular pattern (whirlpool) and nothing is accomplished.  I look at all the amazing things happening at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics, the providers who recently arrived and those expected in the next year; the positive talk about upcoming business in our communities … how can we not be excited?!?  

I sincerely hope everyone is excited about the upcoming year.  I feel like a fortune cookie* but “success is yours to have”.  It’s true.   Believe it and achieve it.

* eat the entire cookie before reading the fortune, this ensures it will come true.  Really.  

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