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December 21, 2017

I’m going to say Merry Christmas and skip the other holiday greetings because I’m not sure there are people who read this who celebrate the other holidays.*  I’m not ready.  I again threatened this year to put up my sign “converted to Judaism”, but now I realize I don’t have a menorah (the candle holder) so that sign doesn’t hold any water.  “I’m lazy and pathetic” would probably work. 

Supposedly, we are in line for 5 inches of lovely snow on Thursday.  I’m already cold.  I’ve been walking around my house in a stocking cap and big sweatshirts and I have the heat cranked.  In a few short days it will be the new year and one of my goals is to shift my focus on anything else other than the winter that is right outside my door.  I may join a mariachi band for the months of January and February.  Or teach zumba … or … something.  (all this complaining about the weather zaps my energy)

So last night I had this gift delivered to me**.  It was supposed to be delivered between 2 and 5PM.  It came at 6:30 by two large Russian men.  (they spoke with a heavy accent and had obviously spent the last 6 hours inhaling cigarettes)  Turns out one of them was the dad and he had to leave to go smoke. (and he didn’t speak English)  The son, in his forties, said his regular helper was not available today and so he drug his dad along.  Also, while they were setting up the bike – the son was barking at the dad to do this or that … didn’t seem all that nice.  So I (and I’m lucky to still be alive now that I think about it) told the son that my dad died about 10 years ago and I’d give anything to have a day like he is with his dad.  The son got quiet and understood.  He agreed.

Ok, so this is Christmas and our nephews, nieces, parents and kids will invariably bug up to the point of complete frustration over the next week – love them because of that.  After they’re gone you’ll miss it mightily.  If you have to, have another glass or two of nog to take the edge off.

*better safe than sorry: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Festivus For The Rest Of Us, and Happy Holidays

**awesome stationary bike … it’s amazing.

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