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January 4, 2018

Propel.  This is my word for 2018.  “Propel” by itself is not enough, to move in a forward direction is admirable but I want to propel and win at the same time.  My friend in Chicago tried to pretty up “win” by saying “how about ‘triumph’?”.  Still means winning, I told her.  

I mentioned this new spinning bike, a peloton, I have at home.  You take online spinning classes.  There’s typically thousands of folks doing the same ride and they are all in competition with each other.  There is this leaderboard on the side of the screen.  I told my friend Scott back in college that I am not competitive.  He said “you’re the most competitive person I know.”  The leaderboard compels me to beat everyone … last night I came in 8th out of 600 riders.  (I know, it’s not a competition … but it really is.  It.Really.Is.)  I almost passed out.  

I read on Facebook the other day, someone I went to high school with referred to herself as middle aged.  I thought “congrats on living to 106”.  I can fool myself and say I’m middle aged but unless I truly plan on living a really long time (and the odds are not in my, or anyone else’s favor to live that long) middle age was at least 10 years ago.  So – propel.  I’ll do the best I can with the hopes of living to 106 and I’ll continue to plan on winning as the alternative is not something I desire.  

If you don’t mind – I’ll drag you and Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics along my 2018 quest.  Again, if we’re not moving forward and winning …  why bother?

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