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March 8, 2018

My Peloton bike was out of calibration. I was finishing in the top 10 riders (out of thousands) consistently.  A 53-year-old male, weight 230 ... in somewhat normal to decent shape doesn’t finish in the top ten consistently - so I complained. What I got was, last Friday two guys with no Peloton experience showed up at my house to recalibrate my bike ... and broke it. After they broke it, they put their shoes back on and left saying “you’ll get a new bike in a couple of weeks.” (deep long sigh) I’m retracing my steps and trying to figure out where I personally screwed up. I probably should have been fine with great (albeit fake) results. But I just wasn’t.

In 1992 my friend Tami and I were driving to Burlington, Vermont to visit her sister (we were driving up from Boston). We were at a rest stop and this girl rushed in to ask directions. She had been driving up from Connecticut and was going to Portland, Maine. She was on the wrong interstate and completely lost - about 200 miles off course. She told us she thought she was lost a couple of times but just kept driving hoping it would work. I think about this a lot. Sometimes we have wrong information and we kind of know it but we keep on the path hoping, against hope, that it’ll work out. It usually doesn’t work out.

A guy I knew in high school (my age) died last week. He was on the wrong path in life and unfortunately didn’t change course and lost the battle.

Sometimes it’s as simple as recalibration. Sometimes it is as simple as stopping when you have that little voice in the back of your head saying “something is wrong”. Sometimes it is as drastic as physically and mentally taking yourself out of a bad situation and doing something different. Sometimes we blame ignorance as in “I didn’t know” but a lot of times we just didn’t want to face the truth. Ignorance is not bliss ...

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