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Notes from Steve

March 1, 2018

First to me – “Congratulations on surviving the two worst months of the year.  Enjoy your favorite day – March 1st tomorrow – the furthest you can get from January and February.”  Thank you and I will.

I got back from skiing Utah Tuesday morning at 2am.  My experience the first half of the trip was awful.  First of all, I’ve been skiing for thirty years – not great, but passable.  I know the basics … For some reason, I forgot everything I learned.  It was embarrassing.  I blame the lack of sleep, coffee and food.  By the third day I was planning on quitting early and reading my book but I remember my Standards of Behavior of skiing.  And it clicked and I had an awesome time. 

It’s that easy.  When we remember what we’ve learned, behavior comes easy. When we question the fundamentals; we question our confidence and it all goes south.  We stumble and tumble and look stupid.  With skiing, when your confidence is there and you “become one with the mountain” it is a powerful thing.  It’s beautiful – I got there the last couple of days, and I felt it. When I didn’t – the first couple of days – I was endangering others with my lack of abilities.  I caused others to stumble and grumble.  Not a great feeling. 

At Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics when we have a great day and all is clicking, it’s probably because we are acting upon what we’ve learned, our Standards of Behavior.  When we stumble and question our abilities, we endanger our customers.  When we are confident in our abilities, we do an awesome job and people know it. 

Be one with the mountain.

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