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February 22, 2018

We completed our 65th quarterly LDI last week. We started our Leadership Development Institute in January 2002. (I remember the first one vividly. We held it above the office of Edward Jones downtown Clarion. Part of the curriculum was to take the Myers Briggs personality test. I think it was also required that they made fun of the Administrator - I think they dressed me up and threw things at me. This is no longer part of LDI.) It was our desire to create the best leadership team possible and by taking all leaders off site quarterly, it was our thought then and now that if we invest thoughtful, dedicated and honest time developing our leaders, then we will be a better organization. Last Friday was open and raw and the leadership team made me proud. The leaders of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics are incredible.

It’s hard for me to refrain from talking about politics in this space. I’ll just say one thing - and this goes for me as well - open your mind to getting news from all sources. If you only eat carrots you will become orange. (this may not be a fact, but I choose to believe it.*)  Additionally, don’t believe everything you read. There are evil factors at work to urge the digression in society.   On one source I was listening to today - the “evil” are like those on a playground screaming “fight, fight, fight” to a disagreement or “jump, jump, jump” to a person on a building. We don’t need anyone to stoke our fires. Please be aware, become knowledgeable in that what you support. Sometimes, on all sides, our source of news should be suspect. 

With that - it is interesting to me what is happening to the students in Florida who are rising up with their voices to object. They are being held out as fake. “Plants” by the opposing party. The kids are on all social media with videos and claims debunking the claims. It’s a different time and yet so similar to the students in the sixties with the civil rights movement - “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”**

* (it’s true)

**Margaret Mead

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