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February 15, 2018

My word for the week is calibration.  Seems to be coming up a lot.  I keep coming in at the top of the pack – in packs from 750 to 2000 riders – on my Peloton bike.  (There is this “leaderboard” that tells you how fast and hard you are going and you can compete with other riders.)  I consistently beat 20 and 30 year old athletes and while I keep telling myself it is because I am an awesome athlete … sadly, it is probably because my bike is not calibrated.  (I was talking with a rep from Peloton and they kept saying “you could be this awesome” and I kept saying “I’m fifty three and slightly overweight … probably not”)  Truth, I love coming in towards the top of the leaderboard, but it’s not reality.   Then, my scale at home reads about 16 pounds lighter than the one in the clinic.  Now, I would like to think that the scale in the clinic is wrong but … probably not.  So; recalibration.

I was talking with one of the senior leaders today and she mentioned that it was nice to see that I was re-engaged.  I thought about this for a few minutes and the word calibrated came up again.  I define the word as syncing back into the truth and advocating once again for what’s right and good.  “So, you didn’t do this before?”  We all see parts of the world and our lives in different shades of rose colored glasses.  My perspective on any given subject is made up of all of my experiences with that subject.  Case in point – church.  I grew up playing music in church all my life.  So, when I think of church I think of performing and music.  Not worship.  My break from church at this point in my life is to give some space and time to rediscover what it means to me, without the performance part.  I took off those glasses. 

How do I move forward and recalibrate?  I think I need to take action.  I need to expend energy to examine the “truths” in my life.  Just this week, I sat down with someone who I didn’t know well but had a subjective perspective and found this person to be charming, funny and interested in a lot of the things I am.  What if I lived with my rose-colored subjective perspective regarding this person forever?  How often do we, because of our beliefs – lose out on cool stuff.  All the time, all the time … RECALIBRATE!

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