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January 25, 2018

I used to hear these rumors that I was leaving.  I don’t know how they started or why the story started (probably someone was tired of me and wished me gone).  I got asked at the grocery store, church, the fitness center and it was, frankly, exhausting.  I finally had to stay long enough for people to understand I really have no plans to leave.  I think the number is twenty – stay twenty years somewhere and they figure “he’s not going anywhere – we’re stuck with him.”  Sometimes in the dead of winter when the atmosphere is lacking of drama, some people make up stuff to add color.  I always say, unless you have pictures or some sort of proof – don’t “share your story” because I won’t believe it.

So you all know (because I talk about it incessantly) I have this spinning bike called a Peloton.  The spinning bike has video screen and I take spinning classes online competing with 500-2000 other riders, depending on the ride.  There is this thing called a leaderboard on the right edge of the video screen that shows you how hard you are working compared to other riders.  I like to work hard on the bike and my goal is to finish in the top 1%.  Since I’m a heavier rider – the “work” on my bike counts more (similar to if 2 people ran the same mile in the same amount of time, the heavier runner would probably expend more energy).  On the Peloton blogs are a lot of people who (are probably skinnier, my story) complain that I, and others who finish in the top 1%, must have easier bikes and we need to have our bikes recalibrated.  Hmm.  It’s always easy to claim a victim label as opposed to working hard.  I choose to believe I’m doing the work to justify the placement.  If those people want to come to my house and check my calibration – good, knock yourself out.

When we listen to others, doubt is cast our minds.  Our minds are amazing and they can whip up a story in no time flat.  A lot of times, we believe our stories and our days are created and our journeys are led out of paranoia and fear.  A couple of things: one of my pastors once said “doubt your doubts” and Cy Wakeman used to remind me that fear stands for False Events Appearing Real.  Please take this opportunity – in the dead of winter – to examine the “truths” that rule your actions.  If they are based in reality, continue on and if they are based on rumor and speculation, stop and re-examine.

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