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January 18, 2018

Today (I’m writing this on Monday) is Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  I’m listening to Simon and Garfunkel’s "April Come She Will" from 1966.  Both are from a turbulent time in history.  I was only a toddler at the time but when I think of that period now – looking back – I think of it as not the difficult period that it may have seemed to those who were living it but as a time of change and rebirth of ideas.  Society woke from a deep slumber.

We are in an era of turbulence and political frustration.  What I hope we will see in upcoming years, when we look back is the early seeds of change and rebirth.  A word in the current lexicon of hipster concepts right now is “woke”.  I’ve used it before but I think it is more of a movement of awareness – an evolution of sorts … moving on with the truth.  As we – the societal collective – put away our toys and we rise to what truly affects our lives (not reality TV, not sports, not video games or binge worthy shows) we’ll rise up (hopefully in a nice way) and change.  “Woke” … an evolution and revolution.

“Jeez Steve, have you had enough coffee yet?”  Never and I’m not just talking about politics.  Wellness, exercise, the cost of healthcare, cost of college and schools in general, the state of our community infrastructure (water, roads, etc); all of this requires our attention.  A cold January – without distractions should allow us the ability to wake up and take charge.  It’s time.  Damn the snooze button, full steam ahead!

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