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February 12, 2015

Three newer leaders and I went to cold, rainy Orlando to a Disney “resort”* for Studer   training. Since you’ve all been to orientation, you are all aware of the strong foundation we’ve built with a dozen plus years of working with Quint and his great coaches. So, just a few FYI’s since we are watching our pennies pretty closely right now and for us to gallivant off to Florida in February might seem a bit hypocritical. OK, a.) We are the only hospital in the country EVER to be a partner of the Studer Group and not pay a dime in annual fees (because we were foundational in helping them start the rural partnership).  Also, because we are a partner, I as the CEO never pay tuition for a session like the one this week and all the participants of Iowa Specialty Hospital get half-price admission.  b.) These are marathon training sessions – from 7 to 5 daily. We left on Sunday and got back at midnight last night and are here today with smiles and bells on. c.) The training is foundational to our culture and helps to make us the great organization that we are.  Great leadership equals great results.

“Why are you writing this?” I’m tossing this out because sometimes what we want to assume isn’t the truth. I remember in South Dakota when farming and business were somewhat tough in the early to mid-nineties and if someone got a new car or did something to their house, people speculated and became almost nasty and indignant.  “What are they doing? Showoffs!!” What we didn’t see or know was perhaps these folks were saving their pennies for years and or doing the work themselves on their renovation… we didn’t know the entire story.


I find myself making assumptions and casting judgments all the time, because I am human.  But if one thing resonated this week to me, it would be that if you have enough love and respect and good things in your heart, the other stuff will be crowded out. Always … the best place for employees to work, the best place for providers to practice and ultimately, the best place for patients to receive care.


*Not really a resort… like Super 8 with mouse ears… just saying… 


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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