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June 2, 2016

I read this weekend in a certified health magazine that 5-7 cups of coffee did amazing things for the body. (Not if you add cream and sugar and caramel... That isn’t as healthy... obviously). I figure I will live for at least 130 years now as I’m closing in on about a gallon of coffee a day. Either that or my heart will explode.

I dearly love a beet salad with a soft goat cheese and walnuts. (“Why is he wasting space talking about beets, which taste like dirt?”) Beet salad - to me - is wonderful, to others perhaps not so much.* Jordan and I were talking about dangerous activities and the possibility of getting hurt. I told her that the safest thing to do in life is sit in your basement quietly wrapped in a blanket. Safe... but boring and a waste of a life. I would venture to say the same about a good beet salad with a healthy dose of goat cheese and walnuts. If you only eat the safe things in life (akin to sitting in the basement, wrapped in a blanket), then you will miss out on amazing adventures. 

My life right now is about engagement. My life is about getting all jazzed up on caffeine and doing crazy things.** At Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics, engagement means grabbing all the brass rings and linking arms (ala Red Rover) and showing the world how to do things great. We are part of the Caravan ACO (used to be NRACO). We set the curve when it comes to running rural healthcare - awesome quality, patient satisfaction, and employee engagement. We are proactive in all we do... We have the best partners and the greatest providers...Needless to say, we don’t venture to our basements and wrap ourselves in blankets very often. Carpe Diem and viva la beet salad!!

*Because they haven’t tried it.

** “Crazy” right now means riding my bike and drinking sour beer. Baby steps.

Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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