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Notes from Steve

December 22, 2016

Accountability is not fun.  I was having dinner with friends the other night, and I told them of my grand idea to pay someone to make sure I’m doing my exercise and food diary, and if I’m not, then they hold me accountable.  (Ideally they’d come over to my house and smack the glass of eggnog out of my hands and squirt water on me … but I think more than likely they’d just email me to do better.)  All the problems of the world could be solved with the appropriate accountability.  Be it a mother figure or a drill sergeant or a nun – if someone could be there to tell you to straighten up and stop texting while you’re driving, stop Facebooking at the table, sit up straight, don’t eat chips before dinner, put your dishes in the dishwasher, be nice, don’t be mean … seriously, this world be awesome. 


One of my million dollar ideas (that would cause untold road rage) had to do with a ping pong paddle and sayings – like “slow down moron” or “pick a lane dimwit”.  Even though I’m sure I could retire on this idea, it’s not a good thought.  One of my themes for my life is “grace” - how do I bring calm, patient, grace to situations as opposed to rage.  With the bad driver scenario, I have to put myself in their shoes and assume that they are driving too fast in multiple lanes because they are on their way to the emergency room or grandma has fallen and can’t get up.  Grace applied to situations allows me to chill out.  


Christmas is Saturday –don’t feel pressured to celebrate in any certain way.  If you choose to ignore and bah humbug, go for it.  If you choose to explode in a glitzy array of Santas, wise men, and snowmen – do that.  The way you choose to celebrate is yours alone.  Holidays bring all sorts of memories and feelings and not all are festive.  However you choose to spend this time, may it be blessed and full of grace.  Stay warm and have a glass of nog - or don’t. It’s your choice.  And that’s all right.


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