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February 4, 2016

February.  Uh…a short dreadful month that is marked with bad weather. (This is also a leap year so it just adds insult to injury.) This month so far is not enjoyable. A lot of us were stranded at home Tuesday (Thanks to those who were able to make it in or stayed over – you are completely awesome). A question was brought up as to whether PTO should be required to be used on snow days. We’ve had a lot of different opinions and perspectives on this over the years and we’ve come to the conclusion that there is no right answer and someone will be upset with whatever decision we make. So, no occurrence for this blizzard, but taking PTO is required if you didn’t come in.  (BTW, I took PTO as well.)

I did the caucus thing on Monday. I for the life of me can’t figure out how they came up with delegates.  I realize that the delegates are proportional to the pide between the candidates. However, I don’t understand why our precinct was awarded 16 delegates (with 88 attendees) and my friend’s caucus site (with 450 attendees) was given 15 delegates. What? It really shouldn’t be this difficult. Needless to say, we Iowans did a good job, took our roles seriously, and put up with a lot over this last year. (Thank God it’s over.)


My large cat has been in the animal hospital in Ames since Saturday. He went in with a UTI but since it is a teaching hospital, he went through all the tests. Everything … and he was shaved so his big belly is on display for all to see and appreciate. With the blizzard he got to stay a couple of extra days which is not preferable, but he is doted on by pretty girls (they even said he was purring so loud they couldn’t hear his heart – flirt), so I think he’s probably fine.  


A haiku to February

dreadful tiny month

known for groundhogs, hearts and leaps

… spring is not far off


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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