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July 28, 2016

I’m on Ragbrai this week.  Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my bariatric surgery.  Pre-surgery, I felt like I was slowly dying.  It hurt to walk - all I wanted to do was lay on the couch … I was aging and dying in place.  Now, the answer for everyone isn’t what I did. But for me, it was life changing.  Back then, I couldn't imagine doing a whole week of riding a bike … in the hills and heat of midsummer southern Iowa.  I couldn’t imagine feeling like I wanted to live life again.  And 50 is too young to die.  

Again, my solution was my solution. What I want to convey is that everyone’s journey (for the most part) is not set in stone.  The ability to modify, and grow, and explore life from another angle is a God thing.  We can change weight, change our hair, change our geography, change our situation … but it takes vision and it takes courage. 


For years I felt stuck.  I felt I had no choice. I had myself convinced that I had to do certain things (coffee shops, music at church, community stuff) because if I didn’t, they would fail and it would be my fault.  Slowly a little voice in the back of my head* said, “Not really, it’ll all be fine.  You do what you need to do”.   I’m happy to say that I listened to the voice and now am planning on riding 450 miles in a healthier body across the great state of Iowa.  


“I’m moving to the country … gonna eat a lot of peaches”- lyrics from a song I’m listening to now.  If this is what you need to do to revive and live, then do it!  If running a marathon; or being a parent; or doing ballet; or singing karaoke is the thing, by all means, do it!  Listen to that little voice, get off the couch, and take action.  Some day it will be too late.




-Steve Simonin, President & CEO


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