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September 28, 2016

I asked my coach today if I’m way too worried about my cat.  She said the politically correct thing and said everyone has different emotions and reactions to their pets.  Jocko, my cat, had most of his teeth pulled last week, and then over the weekend he couldn’t catch his breath and I freaked out, but my wonderful vet saved his life.  Since my coach has cats (and she is a loving, well-balanced inpidual), she totally understood and validated my worry.  (and better yet, she said I was “normal”)


I told her then that I am worried about the election and lots of stuff in life is forcing me to question and analyze everything.  She told me to chill out a bit and get to the root of my worry.  I think a lot of my emotions are tied to PTSD from my cat’s physical health, but also I am worried about what the future holds for the country, as well as our community and Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  We talked about change and how sometimes what is behind curtain number three* is more exciting that working on what’s at hand.  “What?”  I think over the years I’ve indicated that I like change.  Well, I lied.  I like very well and calculated change that I control completely.  This is usually not possible**, hence the root of my anxiety.  


If control is not possible what I can do is help people with gratitude.  I can channel my worrying energy into gratitude.   Cat?  “Yay” to Dr. Elaine for saving Jocko, and I am thankful for everyday I have with my somewhat large cat.  Election?  “Yay” we live in a country that we can debate and vote for our candidate of choice.  Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics?  “Yay” – we are surrounded by people who daily make the choice to live and work in a community of folks dedicated to excellence.  Whatever outcome happens whenever and wherever … let’s be gracious.  (go out and hug someone)


*Let’s Make a Deal

** ever


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