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May 5, 2016

Marilyn “Turbo” Lint passed away last Sunday afternoon in the hospice room.  I was visiting with her family shortly after and one of her kids asked how we are going to run the hospital without her.  Good question.  I remember when Marilyn came to us years ago after she retired from her other job, and I thought “Who is this little, gray-haired fireball, and why is she telling me what to do and where to go?”.  That was Marilyn.  She kept our world in order, and her absence will leave a huge hole.  We miss her already …

A lot of you have already heard this: Dr. Nagel will be pursuing a cool new adventure in medicine (Concierge Medicine) in Colorado. We always knew he had the Rocky Mountains in his blood (when he started here 29 years ago he kind of looked like John Denver, minus the glasses) … but hoped it would be far off into the future. Busy doc, busy dad, marathoner … he is truly non replaceable.  


I was telling someone a month ago “Whew, I just need to get through this month and then it will be smooth sailing”.  I should never, ever say this because it is never smooth sailing. Friends will always be dying or in poor health … or moving on to really cool situations in their lives … or things will change just because.  Life is all about change.  A friend and I were talking about engagement yesterday, and she said “Steve, your perception is weighted in favor of your bias … you see life slanted in a direction that favors you.   FYI, it’s not about you.”  


Marilyn challenged us – post retirement at 65 years of age she jumped back into life for another 15 years, working and taking control 100% until the end.  We will absolutely miss her. Dr. Tim Nagel will be moving on in August of this year to a new chapter of his life and our immediate challenge is survive without him but also, we are so excited for him!  (When he told me on Monday, you could just see how excited he was. “Rocky Mountain high, Colorado …”)  


In Romans it says “Be devoted to one another in … love”.  That’s all we can do.  Our family is transitioning whether we like it or not.  


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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