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January 5, 2017

So here it is the new year, and I’m already expecting negative news.  “Steve, hope and optimism are on our collective plates, be happy!”  Yes, I know … I’m supposed to be on vacation, flying to Colorado to ski with the nephews and niece, but Winter Storm Helena is coming in from the west, and I have visions of sleeping in the Minneapolis airport.  Gah.  I have a couple of friends, who claim to be witches – wiccan – granted, I haven’t talked to them in 20 years, but they used to say “don’t call it forth”, which I think means, don’t talk about bad stuff because then it’ll happen.  I disagree with my witch friends; I think that if you create the worst possible scenarios in your head, reality has to be better than that, so I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  It doesn’t work all the time.  


I’m all about the theme for the year.  Someone was telling me about their resolution – it was to be more consistent and compliant, basically do what you set out to do.  I changed it to personal integrity.  (I didn’t tell them, because I thought that was a bit forward of me to decide what their theme should be; but that’s what it should be.)   If we are above all, honest and forthright with ourselves – kind and loving and selfish, in a good way – then we can be the best person possible.  If we are self deprecating and treat ourselves in a disrespectful manner (little exercise, bad food, bad behavior) our lives will mirror the behavior.  Our resolution should be taken in small bites.  Whatever yours is – just try for the month of January or if that’s too much, try to stick with it for this week.  Then try for another week and so on.  


Ok, good thoughts – this time tomorrow I will be in Steamboat Springs relaxing in front of a fire.  (Good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts)  The flights will be without incident, and the drive from the airport will be a piece of cake.  Vacation will be wonderful.  I will have stories and fun times to remember.  (Fingers crossed)


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