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November 10, 2016

I’m getting 2 cats on Saturday.  (“Why isn’t he talking about the defeat of Hillary?  Wasn’t he a big supporter of her?”)  I decided to move on and adopt a couple of 3 year old black cats from the animal rescue league out of Des Moines.  (“Strange that with emotions running so high after yesterday, I would assume Steve wouldn’t miss an opportunity to address such important matters.”)  I wanted 2 buddy cats so when I’m gone during the day, they’ll have someone to keep them company.

Honestly?  Why am I focusing on animals?  Well, I’m done with politics for awhile – maybe forever.  The vitriol, accusations, negative energy, finger pointing … there is nothing to learn from this.  If you look at politics – these people are not paid well at all.  Sure, the salaries look good to us in Iowa, but I can tell you, their current salary is just a mere stepping stone to the millions of dollars in lobbying and speaking fees and celebrity stuff they’ll earn after a quick stint in office.  Or they have such massive egos that need stroking … either way, we as a society are manipulated to a frenzy, and in the end, it feels like we are mere patsies in the big production.  Hence my need to focus on cats.

So … what I am asking is keep your glee or your anger to yourself, or at least don’t act out around me – because I am done.  Until I see that the system will address real needs and not cotton to the desires of big business, Wall Street, or the individual politician’s ego and their need to be right* (even when the objective facts tell us otherwise), I’m not contributing to the dialog. 

I’m disgusted, sad and overwhelmed.  And, I’m looking forward to my new pets.


*Iowa’s mental health problems and Branstad’s Medicaid “fix”

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