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Notes from Steve

November 5, 2015

So I got back from my workout yesterday about 5:15PM.  I was tooling around in the kitchen when someone said “How can I help you, Steve?”  My heart froze because I live alone.  The voice was female and I thought “Who’s here?”  I ran around my house saying “Hello? Anyone here?”   I couldn’t find anyone and was coming back into my kitchen when I noticed from my bag that my phone was lit up.  It was Siri – the iPhone chick, I must have bumped my bag on the way in.  

The mind plays some powerful tricks on us.  It has a tendency to fill in the gaps when it doesn’t know the truth.  My little brain had either someone hanging out in my back room ready to jab me, or the return of the ghost*.   When we don’t know both sides of the story – we can get powerfully worked up over what we guess is the truth.  99% of the time – there is another side.  And usually it is a buzzkill to the first story.  Life is not as dramatic as we’d like to think it is.


Sometimes though, the universe hands us some amazing stuff.  Like our story.  “Huh?”  This week (8AM Thursday morning, pray for me) I “get” to give my first ever keynote speech.  “Yeesh!”  As I was reviewing “our story” over the past 10 years – because this is what they want to hear – I was kind of blown away.  This place, even after seeing both sides of the story, is awesome.  I hope you all appreciate what a great place this is and pat yourself on the back, because it wasn’t me, I’m just telling the story.  


*My friend Tami, the psychic healer from Bali, once stayed with me and complained that the ghost that was in my house kept her up the whole night before.  (Didn’t know I had a ghost but apparently I did?!?) She said she finally was able to sleep when she helped the ghost cross over.  She also put salt in the corners of my house which my housekeeper promptly vacuumed up the next time she was there cleaning.  


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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