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February 2, 2017

February one.  Hmmm … I hate this month.  Hate.this.month.  #februaryhater.  However, being on a path of healthy perspectives and rising above the emotions, I am compelled to not judge this month by what it is (a small, cold, dark month designed to test the will of even the strongest) but what it can be.  Perhaps February is the car ride or the trip to the airport and the dreadful plane ride on your way to vacation?  If this is the nasty little airplane seat that I have to sit in for 28 days in order to get to appreciate spring and summer and general awesomeness, perhaps that is something I can handle.  

My cat leaps out of nowhere and bites my leg assuming we are playing.  He causes me to bleed, a lot.  I used to (a month ago) scream in terror and pain and generally freak out but now I peel him off and put him in a room to chill.  This is what I am going to do in the unfortunate political discussions I find myself in; I’ll peel myself away and chill out alone in a room.  (I’m the biting cat in this example.)  Oh, also I have a question for anyone reading this – if you have a animal and you feed it “gravy lover’s” animal food, does it just suck the gravy off and leave the rest?  Does it require that you feed it four cans of food a day – just to suck off the gravy?  Is this a “thing”?  


Gotta say – I am really excited about our planning (strategic) sessions this year.  We have some awesome opportunities out there that are going to further define us as great.  Our vision is “to always be a progressive healthcare system that is  a benchmark for all others.”  Benchmark.  In my mind this means that we are the “bomb” – the ultimate in rural healthcare.  This to me is exciting.  Stay tuned for updates.  

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