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March 19, 2015

I’m back into running.  I didn’t exactly remember (but now do) that running hurts.  Not when running necessarily, but afterwards.  I also didn’t think that at 50 years old, running may tend to tax the body – just a little.  Yesterday I was in Chicago and they had free HBO at the hotel so, of course, I watched.  Rosie, the comedian, was talking about her recent heart attack and how she ignored the symptoms.  She had the requisite pain, the nausea, the paleness … and she ignored it all.  She said she thought that if it was a heart attack, it would be like a TV heart attack – clutching your chest and falling on the floor.  She said she is very lucky to be alive.
So Rosie was unhealthy in a lot of ways (she ended up having the gastric sleeve procedure) and suffered the consequences.  I hope that the “pain” I am experiencing is my body screaming that it really doesn’t want to move as much I know it should and, “For this you will pay!”  A little pain in my muscles is very different from a heart attack.  And with proper stretching I will be fine.
How often do we ignore the symptoms of whatever issues we have in life because we don’t want to be bothered?   Or do we look at the “cure” as hurting and a lot of work and we just don’t have the time or desire to move in that direction?  Meaningful and lasting change usually comes with a price – be it sore muscles or a wounded ego (apologizing for mistakes).
Every year I discover that something I once thought of as the right way or the correct answer is the polar opposite.  Wrong.  Incorrect.  My coach told me years ago that I justify and rationalize too much.  (I tried to justify my behavior.)  As we wake up and be mindful and honest in our attention and focus, that which needs to change will become clear. Be it health or attitude or whatever, the change will probably hurt a bit, but at the end of the day, you’ll be thankful you paid attention.

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