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May 26, 2016

My word for this year is “engage”.  I really haven’t a clue why I chose that word and then today, in a discussion with my coach, we talked about “re-engage”.  Over this last year, I’ve separated from a lot of things that took my attention away from my priority.  “Huh?”  Ok, let’s say that your priority is your family (or church or job … whatever).  You spend a lot of time away from your family doing “stuff” (work, hobbies, parades … I don’t know … whatever).  Your family leaves because you are never there, and the assumption is that you obviously don’t care about them.  You’re now homeless, broken, and begging for money.  All because you lost focus on what was important in your life.

Back to “re-engage”.  Flashback 2013.  I was consumed with leading the church band, owning and running grounded, community chamber leadership … oh, and being CEO of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.   Did I have time for everything or was everything done marginally?  Studies have shown recently that multitasking is a myth.  (texting and driving?)  You only have 100% to give, multitasking just divides that 100%.  Over the past year I have given up a lot; the restaurant, community committees and just recently, my church activities.  I thought long and hard about my commitment and what needs my attention.  Pretty much being CEO of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics is my major commitment.  (“Steve!  Church should be a commitment and your community?  What?”  Rest assured curmudgeons, God didn’t take a back seat in my life, I just figured I don’t have to be in charge of worship – God will still love me even if I don’t play my guitar at church.  Same with the other stuff…my new life lesson is “being a participant as opposed to leader is not a bad thing”.)


Back to my original word.  My push goal for this year is to engage in a maximum manner – wide eyed and full of giddy-up.  (“… scary …”)  I identified to senior leadership yesterday that I don’t hear as well as I used to (headphones on max volume while exercising – good heart, bad ears) so I will change where I sit to maximize my comprehension.  (“whee and yay” said all of Senior Leadership.  I will also put away my smart phone.)  Time to wake up Steve and be present, accountable and full of engagement.  

Steve Just Do It

-Steve Simonin, President & CEO


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