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March 2, 2017

I’m writing this on Monday with deep and resounding anticipation and appreciation for the first of March.  Usually, my favorite day of the year because it is the farthest away from February you get.  This February though, wasn’t so bad.  Is it because I am in a good place?  It could be this but more importantly, I think it was because simply it didn’t feel like classic February.  Even the huge blizzard last week, on the heels of record warmth, didn’t affect me too negatively.  So do I look forward to March as usual?  Yes, because I dearly love this month.  It represents spring and newness and green.  And I love St. Paddy’s day.

So I ask myself – if a couple of beautiful days in mid February was all that was necessary to change my  perspective on something I constantly profess that I deeply hate … how can I expand this into a life lesson?  

The Oscars were Sunday night.  Since I am usually profoundly ignorant of the films they are giving awards to, I typically ignore.  However, I saw La La Land at the Clarion theatre on Saturday night and watched Manchester by the Sea* on Sunday, so I felt somewhat knowledgeable.  If you watched the news at all on Monday – you’d see that they completely screwed up the awarding of the picture of the year.  Everyone was beyond horrified by the gaff.  The world – in true LA la land – almost collapsed.  This was the best thing I’ve seen in a long while.  This made the world change its focus from the political garbage being tossed on a daily basis by both sides.  This was sunshine on a February day.  

Did I say that I love, love, love March???  


*Sad as all get out, and not really affirming.  It was well done though …

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