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December 4, 2014

I’m wearing this Fitbit bracelet thing that buzzes when I hit 10,000 steps. I am addicted to the buzz. I am reminded of Pavlov’s dog – salivating when the bell rang… I am validated when my wrist buzzes. (On another note, I need a life … I need to get excited about more than a bracelet buzzing … yes, sad, I know.)


Christmas music is playing everywhere. I changed the morning selections in the hospitals and clinics to the holiday theme and as we get closer, more and more (and more and more) Christmas music will be playing. Years ago people used to ask me why I didn’t decorate my house like everyone else. One major reason… I’m lazy, and I couldn’t find anyone to hire to do it. After the 10th person asked me, I was tempted to post on the front of my house, “Converted to Judaism.” Now I have a Christmas tree that I drag up from the basement every year (already loaded), and it sits in my front window. I look like I celebrate the holiday, but in reality my large cat likes to sleep under it, and it quiets down the neighbors. Happy Hanukkah.


Agnes, my housekeeper, was very excited to tell me that the mouse that invaded my house was caught in the basement behind the water heater. I’m somewhat concerned because I find it hard to believe that the vermin took it upon himself to leave the living room and climb the steps to the cold basement only to meet its demise behind the water heater. I’m thinking that it was his cousin or some other relative. Suffice it to say I have been wearing shoes at all times and climbing on the furniture when possible. Jocko, my large cat, is oblivious to the mouse. As long as he gets his food, the rest of the world doesn’t matter (my New Year’s resolution for him involves a lot of exercise and diet modification).


So as I go forward creating resolutions and celebrating the (ugh) holidays, I want my driver to be that which does the heart and body good. I won’t listen to the negative voice in the back of my head that loves the status quo and complains about new things. I want to take chances and celebrate the buzzes in my life. And I want to help all those in my life be healthy (fat cat) and happy. Here’s to month 12 before 2015. (clink)

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