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August 27, 2015

Sad day today.  We lost a good friend and comrade this past week in Don Barnes.  He was an awesome therapist but more importantly – a really good guy.  We’ll miss him, that’s for sure.  RIP Don. 



I attended a gathering on mindful leadership last week.  It was only a dozen or so attendees, but it was very interesting to me that those who needed to be together – with assumed conflicts – were put together.  Providence was hard at work last week.  “What?”  Good question.  First – mindfulness was a lot about pausing to reflect (meditation and breathing). I guess “chilling out before freaking out” is one way to describe it.  And second – the providence thing.  I’ve had some moments where I’ve assumed one thing, and actually it’s not true.  (“gasp!  Really?  You’ve judged people on assumed drama?!?”  I know?  Right?  I claim to be drama-free … sigh) These people (who were listed under the “evil” chapter in my book) were present at this small gathering, which made for a hugely awkward first couple of hours.  But we shared and meditated together, and amazing things may happen because of it.  (They aren’t evil.)


The biggest lesson for me last week, and ongoing, is that pausing to reflect and appreciate … with love … is so incredibly difficult but also and more importantly, so amazingly rewarding.  Especially when you don’t know the agenda/motives/emotion/drama of the recipient.  If we rise above, and assume great things, and react and work with only the most positive feelings – life can’t be anything but beautiful.  


Perhaps this is too fluffy.  Perhaps it’s more squishy than you are comfortable with.  Perhaps … perhaps it is just all about slowing down and allowing for that purposeful pause before we react.  AND if you want to fill that space with love and kindness; all the better.  




- Steve Simonin, CEO & President


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