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November 27, 2014


Yesterday was Governing Board day at the hospitals (two Board meetings, noon and evening). I am thankful for visionary Boards who allow us to look at the crossroads of “what’s happening in health care” and “what’s best for our communities” and “the best place for employees to work, providers to provide care, and ultimately, best place for patients to receive care” and make some pretty strong decisions. I’m thankful that here in rural Iowa we ROCK it! I’m thankful that I am proud of Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics and what we’ve been able to do over the years. (… not everyone in the world is proud of where they work …)


I’ve been tasked with coming up with my goals for 2015 in the form of resolutions. My first thought is what I’m thankful for, and like I said above, I’m thankful for a lot of stuff. But now, looking ahead, what will I be thankful for in the future that hasn’t happened yet?  (Eyebrows raised in wonder!) First and foremost – since I had the bariatric surgery, I fully plan on being massively successful. What this means is I want to hit my goal weight, which will put me at the top of the “normal” charts. (OK, here’s a suggestion … if someone has undergone a major bariatric surgery, you’re not being helpful by saying “You’ve lost enough … don’t lose anymore.”  We’re under the care of medical professionals who will tell us that.  What you could say is “Good for you!” or nothing if we appear, in your opinion, too thin. Never thought I’d say that.) I want to be happy or at least content with all of my activities. Yes, I can always improve, but if I’m moving in the right direction, I need to be good with that. Sometimes I gripe about the journey, and when I look back, I am amazed at the accomplishment… what if I enjoyed the journey?!?!  (Eyebrows raised in wonder!!)


Thank you to all who read this. Thank you for giving me a huge opportunity to lead an incredibly caring and wonderful organization. Thank you for your smiles and kind words in the hallways.  Thank you to your spouses and families who put up with odd work hours and your need to hold them to standards of behaviors (like it or not, you probably bring the standards home … ever say “hi” to a complete stranger??)…your loved ones help you to be great and that helps Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics be great. Past, present, and future – it’s awesome to be associated with such an amazing organization – thank you!!!


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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