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Notes from Steve

February 18, 2016

I just spoke with Ania in the hallway about perspective.  “I asked Joel this morning why we were so blessed to end up in the right community, the right church and with the right friends … we are so blessed!”  (Joel is Ania’s husband)  We then talked about perspective.  Ania said she was listening to a speaker this morning saying that if you see the world in a positive way – your perspective leans towards optimism as opposed to negativity or cynicism, then you are on the right path.  I told Ania that there are people who live in this same community and have a completely different perspective on life.  


I was walking in the back hall at the clinic and Brad H and I were discussing the perils of February.  (as you all know – I hate this month but …)  I told Brad – yesterday was the best day of the year!  He asked “why, I thought you hated February?”  I said, yesterday represents the downward slope on the month and then it’s March and March is great!  Sure there could be snowstorms (bet on it because there will be) and it could be cold but it is like the beginning of the party and the excitement is in the air.  Plus – it will be 60 degrees in Des Moines this Friday and that is shorts weather in Iowa.  What’s not to love?!?!?


I have the absolute distinct and awesome pleasure of doing orientation every three weeks.  “Steve, your life must be hideous boring and devoid of true pleasure if you get that excited over orientation”.  You’d think that huh?, but it is like a prayer that we say over and over.  (When we repeat prayers or songs we know over and over, our souls are caressed.   It is comfortable like an old reliable blanket.)  In orientation I retell my story of how the system came to be.  I go over the Standards of Behaviors  and meet the next employees who are excited to work in great place like Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics. 


When you find yourself in perilous situations (like February or worse), hearken back to times where you felt safe and warm.  Change your perspective and look to the future with a great positive outlook.  Take the perspective of a new employee – excitement and enthusiasm!  To the future and beyond!


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO


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