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September 28, 2017

The latest attempt at killing Obamacare – the ACA – is dead.  In the last 20 minutes, the headlines were that the republicans were pulling the latest attempt from the scheduled vote because they didn’t have enough votes.  I’m all for fixing what’s wrong with this program, but – if the last car on the lot is a lemon, don’t just buy it because the car lot is closing.  We, as a country have other ways of fixing this issue – be patient, research, and come up with the best program for the country in a bipartisan way.  Maybe everyone won’t be happy, but at least try to get along.  

So with this – I’ve seen my friends screaming at each other on Facebook about kneeling at football games during the national anthem.  I don’t plan on weighing in on this subject at all.  At all.  I find it interesting though, that we as a society can be so fiery and divisive on issues like this when the world is literally in chaos.  Hurricanes, floods, potential nuclear wars, healthcare in crisis … I’m not trivializing any issue, all I am saying is that we only have so much energy to expend, let’s make sure we are directing our focus appropriately.  

I imagine someone will make an assumption regarding which way I lean … or stand … or kneel.  Whatever.  I really have no opinion on the above.  If Obamacare got repealed, the world would go on.  We’d be … fine … maybe.  Regarding someone’s desire to protest – living in this country is not easy because we have a constitution that allows us the right to protest, or march, or demonstrate (with signs, or hoods, or rainbows).  Never will the entire population agree, but that is what makes it special.  We have the right to agree to disagree.  

At the end of the day, thank God we have the ability to scream and argue.  They don’t in North Korea.

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