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May 28, 2015

I’m in D.C. this week.  It was forecast to be in the 90’s … sweltering heat … high humidity.  I need to do a shout out to my cat-caretakers this week as well.  My large-ish cat, post hospitalization (a month or so ago) has not retrained himself on properly positioning himself in his litter box.  (Assume the worst.)  So thank you, you’ll be rewarded greatly in your next life.  

I’m in D.C. with providers and leaders this week revisiting our roots.  It is the Studer journey again.  “Really Steve – what do you learn on these trips that you haven’t learned or heard a bazillion times already??”  Good question.  First, it’s always free for the CEO to attend – I guess they figure we can never travel alone, so they’ll get 2-5 paying customers out of it.  Next, if I am going then I go.  I am all in.  I am cheerleading and discussing and hoop-hoop-hooraying the whole thing, so it is like a very long rounding.  (Note: This is why I probably am not invited to go on many vacations because my expectations are so high.  FYI – dinners at my house are e-free.  PAY ATTENTION AND BE ENGAGED.*)

Another big deal for me is I am trying to work on my patience.  I pulled something in … my rear area (I think it is my hamstring) and I shouldn’t be running right now.  It needs to heal.  So I went running last night as I haven’t ran in several days.  I thought I was doing fine until I saw myself in the window of Arnold Motor Supply.  I was visibly limp running.  Not good.  I went back home and up to the fitness center for low impact cardio.  Boo.  “What lesson are you learning through pain?”  I am learning that even though it is perfect running weather, it is for others to enjoy.  Just because it’s there doesn’t mean I should partake.  Patience, Steve, patience.  Good things will come to those who wait.**

*I need to drink less coffee.


- Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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