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Notes from Steve

September 14, 2017

I love peanut butter.  It’s best for me not to buy peanut butter because I’ll eat it.  I would think that in a healthy “recovery from addiction” move, I should make peace with peanut butter so I can have it around without temptation – however, that is not me and I don’t have that ability.  That’s my reality.  (I also can’t have Oreos, potato chips, crackers … or any type of cookie in my house.)  

I asked the nephews if I obsess about anything – do I talk too much or focus too much on anything.  There was an awkward silence, and then “yes, you talk about biking too much”.  Ok, that’s fair.  A friend said years ago that I brought up Quint’s name way too much.  “Stop talking about him!”  Someone told me once that they heard enough of “sense of urgency” from me to last them the rest of their life.  I’m the type of person who obsesses on stuff (peanut butter, biking, Quint, sense of urgency) … how do I relax this need to share?  (Quick story – and this includes riding my bike, but it’s not about that.  On Saturday, I rode the Raccoon River trail and stopped for an iced tea at a local establishment.  There was this guy there, also a rider who talked fast and nonstop about riding.  I was interested and conversed with him, but I could see how he could drive others crazy with his bike talk.  I wondered to myself – “is that me?”) 

It’s been said that if you look in the mirror before you head off to work and say to yourself “should I wear this” … you probably shouldn’t.  If we are mildly aware that we may come off too aggressive with our “whatever” speak about our obsessions about a certain food, team, show, person, etc.; the thing is: it’s probably huge and people are way too nice to say “knock it off”.  Chances are that we bug the heck out of our friends and loved ones.  

Everything in moderation they say.  A bit about this, a bit about that.  A little peanut butter now and again isn’t bad*, and when asked “how was your ride?” it’s alright to respond.  Starting out the conversation about bike tires or exhaustion because I rode so much … no.  Our goals should be “how do you keep your friends, not drive them away?**”


*as opposed to half the jar/day
** … Steve …

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