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September 27, 2018

Timbuk WaitstaffMy nephews were dressed in lederhosen for the first annual Octoberfest at Timbukbru this past weekend.  They were working the festival at the local brewery as well as participating in the Polka and the chicken dances.  Octoberfest at Timbukbru, this is a good thing for our little town - it pushes the envelope of conventional behavior and that’s … all right. 

So my thought for the moment is that thinking outside of the box, and challenging the conventional, is never a bad thing.  As of late, senior leadership has been looking at the future.  We fully plan on a successful future for Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics, but what does that path look like?  I’m thinking it will be the healthcare version of lederhosen.  Pushing the envelope of how hospitals operate. 

“What’s that mean? Are we all going to have to wear decorative German shorts and dance the polka?*”

This means that as healthcare gets tougher and tougher to operate in -- as we are constrained and hampered by falling reimbursements -- we will have to look at unconventional ways of operating.  We’ve done this in the past (bright ideas, pillars, engagement, the service excellence culture) and now it’s common place.  Most successful organizations do this.  So we must continually reinvent ourselves to stay in front.  We will be looking to you for ideas.  By restating the obvious and transforming into something new and exciting - we’ll remain on top.  But it’s got to be outside the box. 

This will be fun, I promise.

*yes, yes you are.

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