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Notes from Steve

September 20, 2018

“Be careful what you put in your mind” my dad used to say.  He was talking about introducing negative or mean or bad thoughts to your mind - because our wonderful and amazing brains have the ability to obsess and fret.  It’s a fact (at least in my life) that if I focus on positive things … my life will be better.  

A couple of things pop up.  I was listening to the news this morning and a story that was going around on social media last week was of a guy who was full-on shaving (shaving cream and all) on a New Jersey train and all the “how dare you!” and “disgusting” and on and on (comments pretty much all negative).  Someone went to the trouble of finding out who this guy was, and found that he had fallen on hard times, was given a train pass and was trying to look presentable for his brother who he hadn’t seen for awhile and who he was going to visit.  People, after finding this out, were ashamed and a go-fund me site was setup and a good ending came of it.  However, initially, people were quick to jump to the worst possible.  

I got this beautiful letter today about one of our staff members.  This patient came in with fear and pain, and this staff member went out of her way to make a perceived experience extremely positive.  This staff member - who lives our Standards of Behaviors all the time - saw an opportunity to introduce beautiful and caring thoughts into someone’s mind … and created a wonderful experience.  

This staff member exemplifies great service and this is what I want for everyone.  I want so much for all of us (myself at the top of the list) to be able to look at whatever situation (social media, community issues, Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics perceived bad stuff) with open and loving minds as opposed to always jumping to the worst case.  

As we move into this next year - there will be changes.  We’re looking at what it takes to re-infuse positive engagement (i.e. always, love & caring) back into our culture. I know it’s there; sometimes it just takes a fine-tuning as to how we see it.  

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