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September 15, 2016

My niece got married last weekend, outside on a patio overlooking a golf course. Luckily the day was gorgeous, but regardless of what the weather was, it would have been great. There was a commercial this past year about a wedding party that gets married outside in a rainstorm. In the commercial, people were laughing and embracing Mother Nature. What if we had this perspective with everything? The lemons always became lemonade! Regardless of how a situation presents itself, there is always a different perspective to be extracted. 

I find that I have definite and strong perspectives regarding everything. ("Really; everything? That's a lot of emotional energy." Yes, it is - I exhaust myself.) Let me throw this out for you: What if we had a strong emotional reaction to a certain thing or person? At the wedding, my Uncle Larry, made it well known that he was a huge Trump supporter and Hillary hater. I'm the opposite. Since we were warned (by the bride, who is a strong individual, to say the least) not to talk politics - I let a lot of the anti Hillary talk by Uncle Larry slide. What if I allowed both of us to be right? (We are correct in our own minds.) What if I suspended my extremely strong emotional reactions on most things I hold near and dear and tried to see their perspective? I probably wouldn't die. My head probably wouldn't explode. 

For years, I used to wear a "No Drama" pin (some leaders still wear them). I don't anymore for a couple of reasons. One: The pin always came undone and stuck me repeatedly. And, two: People thought it said "No Obama"... I just got tired of the jabs (physically and otherwise). The thought behind the pin for me was that we (society) try to inject drama into a lot of situations. We love to think things are haunted or that there are hidden meanings or agendas. We (I) am (are) drama junkies. Instead of laughing and enjoying the rain, we assume that the universe is against us and we are doomed. For this week, I am going to enjoy life for the sake of enjoying life, and I will try not to infuse extra drama for my own pleasure. (I will find joy in beige and vanilla.)


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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