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November 20, 2014

I’m tangled up with my emotions right now. This now makes perfect sense to me, because on the news this morning a guy was saying that people are at their lowest place in life at age 50. He wasn’t on the news program specifically to show that 50 year old people are in an attitudinal slump, but rather that people, as they age, mature like good wine and their outlook is much better on the average than a 50 year old man. I, however, being a 50 year old man saw this as validation to my sour mood. I also hate February and outside the weather is not November weather but rather February weather. We still have 2.5 months before February hits … uh …

Yesterday, a mouse ran through my living room at 5:45 a.m. I called the exterminator at 6 a.m. while perched on my piano. I then had a long discussion with my large immobile cat that it was indeed his responsibility to take care of mice… his only responsibility. He didn’t even turn his head when the vermin buzzed by. So the exterminator came and laid traps around … nothing … have not seen nor heard of the mouse since… it’s lying in wait for the right time to leap out and give me a heart attack.


So here I am supposedly at the statistically lowest ebb of my life (according to the news). February hit three months early, and my house is overrun with vermin. BUT my outlook is good. I’m feeling great. All things for the most part are decent… my life overall is in a fairly respectable place. I guess what I am saying is that life will throw lemons all the time, and you can make lemonade or you can take that lemon and squirt it back; whatever you do, don’t suck on the lemon and live in a sour mood.  Get happy or get mad and do something about it but don’t just accept it.


The greatest thing about the lowest ebb is that it’s only going up from here on out.  Regarding the weather, next week when it is in the 40’s, I will be loving it!! The mouse?  There’s nothing good about that UNLESS my large cat Jocko gets some exercise by chasing the mouse. Hmmm, it could have a silver lining!!!



-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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