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August 24, 2020

Kitten hanging in a tree with the words: Hang in There!My foster cat bit me yesterday … then she puked.  Then a hurricane hit Iowa.  It’s all related I think.  

With most of my long bike trips, I know that at some point I have to turn around and head back.  If I ride out 30 miles, then I have 30 miles to ride back … it’s a necessary part of the journey.  I don’t really have a choice to stop because I have to get back to my starting place - and no one is coming to pick me up because I’m tired.  Life is like that -- our journeys require us to get to that next stop.  We can ask for help and guidance, but most of the time, it is up to us to trudge through to the end.  

When I go out on a ride, I’m as prepared as I can possibly be.  I take water, I have my phone, I have money and an extra tire and kit to repair a flat* … I’m ready for most situations.  How can we prepare for things we don’t have a manual for or a YouTube video to watch to know what we should or could expect?  

I think it comes down to attitude.  How we approach problems and opportunities says a lot about us. Are you humble - does your ego allow you to reflect and say “I may be part of the problem”?  Are you creative?  (if you have duct tape, string and a clothespin, do you have to ability to see a whole range of options?) Are you honest? (Sometimes you have to tell people or yourself things they or you may not want to hear.)  Are you thorough with your planning (i.e. - lists, different scenarios, potential issues)?

Pandemics, hurricanes, droughts, plagues, cat vomit … its bad but it could be worse.  It’s up to us as to how we will face it and trudge through to the end.  

*I haven’t had to repair a tire yet and the thought terrifies me.

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