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August 17, 2017

Life is a series of short stories with interesting characters (or at least I hope it still continues to be).  One of the most interesting characters I had the pleasure to know passed on recently.  He was bombastic, opinionated, loud, caring, passionate, and believed deeply in his path.  God only gives us a few of these special characters because society can only handle a few – but a huge “thank you” up … because we need people who love and care louder than most.  They invigorate and motivate us to be better.  

Earlier in the week, as I was thinking about what to write for my column – a lot of news happened.  War of words and worse, violence erupted and again, this country is examining its roots of dissent.  Rage and judgment without love and caring are causing folks to march and demonstrate across the country.  I was talking with young people about social media, and they indicated that there are so many dark places and sites on the internet that spurn hate.  It has now become easier with the internet to dance with the devil.  Answers?  I have none.  

I am grateful I live in a country where I can hold dissenting opinions.  I am grateful I live in a community that embraces characters – we are not, and for this I am thankful – homogeneous.  We are different and our gifts are celebrated as unique. The ingredients we bring to the table are all different - and our “stone soup” is amazing.  Celebrate your differences, dance your dance, and if someone is jigging to a different tune – compliment them on their rhythm.  Period.

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