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January 19, 2017

I thought my hair looked darker when I looked into the mirror this morning.  Instantly I moved to “because of my mega vitamin intake and massive exercise, I must be aging backwards.”  I’m halfway expecting my wrinkles and sore joints to be replaced with smooth skin and a bounce in my step.  Unfortunately, this probably isn’t true, and a twenty year old body won’t get out of my bed tomorrow.*


I can, however, slow the progression of age with healthy behavior.  I’m really excited about Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics’ latest foray into wellness.  Both the Blue Zone project (you heard about it at QEM) and the wellness visits for the Medicare population – help to point out and assist us in our wellness journey.  Being January – the fitness centers are humming and the Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/Nutri-system commercials are thick on TV.  We all (post holiday … a certain relation of mine gained 15 pounds since Christmas and it wasn’t my sister) have probably put on a little weight and we are motivated to get busy.


I’ve been working out for pretty much my whole life.  (Actually since age 22 when all I could wear were sweats because I was really, really, really big.)  Exercise is my Prozac.  Exercise is my meditation.  Exercise is my motivation.  I’ve talked to people about this exercise high.  If you haven’t ever experienced it, it really is cool.  The best part is when your workout is over – there is a sense of self appreciation, gratitude and calmness.  If you have a desire to get this in your life and would like to sign up for the Blue Zone Health Challenge, please do it.  If you have questions as to how to get onto the site or what to do, contact me or Maggie Marker, Marc Legge or Chris Medvec.  We’d love to help you.  


*Stop it, you know what I mean.


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