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November 2, 2016

Blame, paranoia, reactive, anger, stonewall, fear, doom, crooked, assumptions, proactive, compromise, hope, faith, vision, progress … Intentions.  


How do we lead our lives?  Is our individual journey set up to be defensive in nature?  Are we concerned with winning at any cost?  


There is a lot of anger in the environment right now.  People are getting riled up because of assumptions.  They assume that the world is not treating them fairly.  We start out with a concern for fairness, this elevates to victimhood which turns into anger … and leads to violence.  


What if … WHAT IF … we start out with the concept that our goals are the same?  We all want to live as great of a life as possible.  We all want happiness, security and a certain level of success.  If our collective intentions are the same, then why are we so amped up as society?  


I was telling some leaders that one of my issues – something I am working on – is how do I stop trying to infuse drama and color into any and every situation I deem not exciting enough?  If a situation doesn’t have enough “flavor”, I tend to embellish it to make it palatable.  I need to stop this.  Society needs to stop this.  Not every situation needs a story – we have been programmed (through reality TV, movies, video games, 24 hour news, social media … etc) to always have a protagonist (good guy, bad guy) in every situation.  Let’s assume the end goal is the same and we differ on how to get there – the other’s story doesn’t have to be wrong or evil … it can be just a different way.


Please vote next week.  Please assume everyone running is running because they have good intentions.  Ignore the garbage and vote for candidates that will help you have more happiness, security and success.  Avoid the need for drama, and smile, because this really isn’t the end of times.  Life is good; really … it’s good.

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