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October 15, 2015

My friend in Arizona has become the “rescue cat” lady.  She is always extolling us with stories of cats who lived in garbage compactors (rescued but lost a limb) and a bag of newborn kittens in a convenience store dumpster (they are bottle feeding them) … to tell you the truth it is emotional exhaustion.  I’m seeing stories and films of baby deer and harrowing stories of the disabled kid on the football team … Seriously, I tear up nightly because of Facebook.  I can’t take all this drama – oh, and seriously?  The coming home from war videos with the little kids and soldier parents, I’m a hot mess.


When I grew up we didn’t have social media.  We had 3 channels on the TV (4 if you count PBS – which we didn’t).  If we wanted to be emotionally moved, we read Guideposts and we liked it.  I didn’t see handicapped kittens or bottle fed deer nuzzling grandmas.  And there weren’t a lot of war veterans coming home when I grew up in the late 70’s.  My drama was limited.  So I didn’t have the ability to immunize myself against said social media drama.*


I’ve told many a soul that my first book will be entitled “Disconnect to Re-engage”.  I think I should take this advice and unplug for awhile to really figure out how to not live with Facebook infused drama.  (pause and sigh)  I was having lunch last week with a friend who told the table that she was incredibly ill the week before and was without her phone for 4 days.  “I didn’t even pick it up!”  A collective gasp was shared around the table and I immediately felt sorry for her.  


I think I have a real problem.


*it’s kind of like my mom was a first generation Weight Watcher.  What this means is our house had no snacks at all.  So when I discovered Oreos and Doritos – all hope was lost.


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO 


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