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Notes from Steve

December 1, 2016

My new cat has been biting me non-stop.  I was lying in bed last week, not terrified; but on the path, thinking “this is not working”.  I had come to the conclusion that my new, one year old cat was insane – running hither and yon, causing all sorts of ruckus.  I googled insane cats and found to my dismay that … my one year old cat was normal.  My perception of my cat, Buddy (his new name) was wrong.  Google said “Don’t be frightened, embrace his anxiety and help him to normalize” - basically chill out and be patient.  

I do this a lot.  I get all hot and bothered that something that doesn’t immediately fit my definition is worthless and that I am a failure.  “Steve, you are too hard on yourself.”  I know, I am.  Before he uses the litter box, my cat meows and runs around the house really hard.  He brings mucho drama to a normal situation.   I’m still working on my theme for next year, but one thing I want is to have a modifier of grace.  I want to seize situations and embrace life – but without pre-drama and assumed negatively or potential of failure.  I want to approach situations with grace and patience.  


The world is changing both nationally and locally.  There will be lots of changes.  We can sit back and accept the new world order lock, stock and barrel, or we can seize the day and take advantage of the opportunities.  We can see victim/blame/anger/frustration, or we can see opportunity and silver linings.  


My cat is young and he wants to play.  He gets a little freaky sometimes, but don’t we all?  Chill out – relax and embrace with grace and patience - it’s all good.


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