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July 23, 2015

So in the last week I (and the other leaders) participated in a ropes course in Des Moines (100 degrees and 100% humidity – 40 feet off the ground, walking on a rope), got asked to be a keynote speaker at convention in North Carolina in November (yeesh), had my year anniversary for my bariatric surgery, and did a day of Ragbrai. That’s a lot for me. I also made peach pie.  

Every so often I find myself sitting around looking at everyone thinking, “My life is so boring and non productive,” and then I remember I do a lot of stuff.  I got a great note from Jason* yesterday, in part saying we are a phenomenal organization.  Every patient and family member have stories on how great we are and how great their care was here.  Thanks Jason! This is an awesome thing for us to continually recognize and appreciate.


Sometimes, we either don’t get the credit for our excellent quality and service, or worse yet, we don’t recognize it in ourselves.  We are pretty dang super and sometimes we look beyond our super-dooper-ness and complain that “we could be better”.  “Thanks for the ice; next time, can you make it colder?  Free sandwiches?  Fine.  Can you make some of them on wheat bread next time?”


I’m reading my calendar of pithy quotes today and Les Brown (? I don’t know) said “Perfection does not exist – you can always do better and you can always grow.”  How exhausting. Yes, we can always do better, but let’s make sure we celebrate our journey along the way.   All of us are on our own journey at our own pace – the fact that we are affiliated with Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics indicates we are traveling down a great road with lots of awesome people.  When I do the introduction to the hospital and the Standards of Behavior to the new staff their first day here, I always congratulate them on being chosen to work here.  It’s not easy getting a job here, and sometimes we forget this and take it for granted (myself included).  I told Tim, my nephew, on Ragbrai yesterday that we were so lucky to live in this awesome state as we were being welcomed to the different towns.  Let’s keep our blessings in mind this week. (The peach pie was epic!)


*Miltenberger – RN from Clarion


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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