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July 13, 2017

A friend had a house band party in Des Moines last Saturday night.  There were two 45 minutes sets by the band and then a couple of breaks.  We all brought cool beer and wine plus a snack to share.  It was like a hipster potluck – I was smiling like a giggling idiot the whole time … it was really cool!!  The band was 4 people, 2 guitars, banjo and base and they played intimate folk music in the host’s living room.  I’m not sure what it was but the vibe was pure energy – just nice and harmonious.  It feels like my life is working in rhythm and good vibes right now.  

Do that happen to you?  Do you ever feel like you just find yourself smiling and happy?  This is what we should strive for – vibing in good harmony.  Smiling like the giggling idiot.  Last week I was with friends for the fourth and they were asking about my life and how, at my advanced age, could I be happy in that I wasn’t like them (their idea of what life should look like – kids, dog, etc.)  Lately, I’ve been around friends retiring, adopting kids later in life, buying houses in different parts of the country … changing and morphing their lives in ways that make them happy and fulfilled.  Is it what I would do?  Does their desire to get a body tattoo or adopt a bunch of kids or open a restaurant require me to put forth an opinion of acceptance or denial?  Nope, it’s their life and my desire is only that they vibe in good harmony.  That’s it. Be happy.

In the Declaration of Independence is the line “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights … the pursuit of happiness”.  We are given, by our Creator, the right to be happy.  We complain a lot.  (I know I do.) But, I’ve said this a lot in the last year, we have SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR.  If you haven’t stopped to smell the roses and enjoy this summer, if you haven’t enveloped yourself in pure joy and smiled at your awesome life, take some time.  It’s good … really!

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