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January 1, 2015

This is our resolution edition of the Pinnacle. I’m not a big resolution person, but this was my idea so I’m going with it. I’ve always said it’s not about the goal but about having a fantastic journey. Enjoy the ride, make it special and awesome… however, a goal here or there (maybe it is to slow down and enjoy the trip …??) isn’t a bad thing.

That said, 2014 was a great year for me.  It was a year of change and of a renewing of ideas and attitudes. It was also a year of physical and emotional change for me. I’m probably ending this year with more hope for the future and good thoughts than I’ve ever had before. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill for 2015.


In business, there are all sorts of sayings. One saying that goes through my head is “stick to the knitting.” Basically, this is the concept that businesses should do what they do best and not try to do everything. I’ve told a lot of people lately, that after a dozen or so years, we are finally at the place where we are starting the journey. We’ve got our campuses all set (new, pretty, and all the right equipment), the team is integrated and we’re alike in our processes and thinking, and we are ready to move. So now, we can take over the world!  (Not really, but we can go full steam ahead with no excuses.) So that is my goal for next year: full steam ahead, no excuses, and no worries. We’ve got no reason to get sidelined or waylaid.


So for 2015 you can expect from me non-stop cheerleading and a huge sense of urgency. I bet you can’t wait!


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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