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July 6, 2017

There’s controversy brewing in Sioux City regarding fireworks.  The state passed a law making fireworks legal, and now a percentage of people – those with frightened pets and family members who don’t like loud noises – are complaining because people are abusing the new “right”, and now the mayor wants to ban all fireworks in the city limits; forever.  The other percentage of people, who like fireworks, are loudly complaining about the other percentage of complainers. Geez.  Can’t we all just get along?

In sweet corn season, I’ve been known to overdo my sweet corn intake because I can.  In tomato season, same story.  I like riding my bike, in a patch of awesome weather, I’ll overdo the riding and probably cause harm to my body or my bike or both.  A voice from the past used to tell me “everything in moderation”.   You can freeze corn and can tomatoes.  Enjoy the bike riding, and you’ll know if you’re tired.  (I really can’t rationalize working out less; I’m not Lance Armstrong, it’s not like I’m riding a hundred miles daily.)  Same thing with the fireworks – if the law is that you stop at 10 pm and only for a week before and after the 4th, then stop at ten.  It’s not that difficult.  And for the folks with skittish pets?  Vote or move.  

I was talking today about rising above the emotion.  We, as humans, love to get into the muck and duke it out.  Our caveman mentality makes us see red when confronted.  The mature perspective is to take a step back and appreciate the other side before making comment.  “Oh, yes, I see your point, and I will stop lighting firecrackers outside your window because it freaks out your entire household.”  And “I understand you are celebrating this nation’s independence, and I commend you on your patriotism – I will honor our new law and invest in some dog earplugs for that time period.”

Maturity, grace, and patience are in much demand these days.  Please practice and pass it on.

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