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August 20, 2015

So I am having the first backyard party of the summer at my house later tonight … it is pretty close to the coldest August day on record.  I thought when I chose this day a month or two ago – we’d be warm and in shorts … not shivering and in parkas.  Ugh.  It’s all good though. I will have it inside in front of a fire with Christmas music in the background.  I’ll serve eggnog.  


Doesn’t it seem that when you are planning something big, that’s when the one thing that you didn’t want to happen, happens?  I like to think this is true always, but in reality – it usually comes out fine.  I talked to a friend about this yesterday, and she asked what my reaction was when something less than positive happens* (like frigid temps for a summer party). Do I look at it with negative emotions (frustration, anger, annoyance)?  Or do I look at it saying “oh, that happened. Let’s make it positive”?  Well, being human “oh, that happened” doesn’t come to mind initially, but it probably should more.  


For instance, I hate golf.  The last time I golfed, four years ago – I got rained on, lost 2 dozen balls, and got stung on the head by a bee*.  God told me on the golf course that my run with the game was over.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought new clubs (the last ones were purchased used 23 years ago in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart).  I golfed for the first time this past weekend and was great (in my mind).  I was calm and actually didn’t hate it.  I don’t know, perhaps I looked at the game differently – as in “Let’s make it positive”?  


I think with everything, how we perceive change directs the outcome.  If we default to positive and opportunity, as opposed to annoyance and frustration – it may not always work, but it would probably change the outcome in most situations.  So my initial perception of rainy, cold, and wet changed to positive and “yay – it’s cold out” will make for the most awesome outcome possible tonight.  We’ll gather in our sweaters around the fire and talk of blizzards.  


*on Sunday, 3 days ago I got stung on my ear by a wasp.  I thought you should know this.


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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