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June 15, 2017

“Welcome to the next chapter in the story of your life journey” … I told this to someone yesterday and I thought, “hmmm, that’s cool”.  So we all have these curves and twists that define our path – a lot of times we remember them because they are stamped in our memory banks.  Could be from love or fear or excitement, but if the situation was big enough to remember where you were when “x” happened, it’s important.  It’s probably the start of your next chapter.

Last week I was in Florida at a conference, and after dinner on Thursday a bunch of us were sitting outside enjoying a final glass of wine when I noticed a thing fluttering next to the person next to me (Liz J – most of you remember her, she’s hilarious).  I yelled “BAT!” and everyone started scrambling.  Liz later told me that she didn’t even see it (Holly told me it was sitting on her, I’m glad she didn’t tell Liz because she would have completely freaked out.)  I told Liz I thought it was a butterfly and she told me she hated butterflies – “they’re just moths in drag”.  The whole thing was quite eventful … still makes me laugh.  

Coming up on Saturday, I’m riding the Bacoon Ride in central Iowa.  It’s a 72 mile ride that goes on the Raccoon River trail with 3000 other riders.  The ride celebrates everything with a mass of bacon.  I’m going purely for the exercise, but I may have to try a piece or two of bacon (or bacon donut, bacon muffin, bacon beer … drool …).  Should be an interesting day. 

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