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Notes from Steve

June 13, 2022

I don’t hear really well.  I think it’s because I listen to music too loud - whatever, I’m hard of hearing.  This is also age related - as we get older, we can’t hear the high pitches as well as we could in the past.  And, I lose things - like my wallet a couple of weeks ago.  So in response, I got this thing called an airtag and a new wallet with a place for the device (size of a quarter).  This thing makes a noise when I can’t find my wallet, and I’m supposed to hear it.  The noise is high pitched - like a screechy beep.  I’m old and my hearing is limited … sigh.  I told Jordan if I lose my wallet I’m going to need to borrow one of her kids to help my search my house because I won’t be able to locate the high screechy beep.

Supposedly, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Ideas typically aren’t all inclusive.  New buildings need elevators to essential rooms, new pharmaceuticals need to have a limited amount of side effects; the need for safety squashes a lot of potentially fun things (lawn darts and clackers).  

I “brainstorm” a lot.  Senior leaders say I have a habit of thinking out loud - basically the processing of the thought comes out of mouth.  Unless you know this about me - you may think that I am giving direction - but 95% of my ideas during brainstorming aren’t logical or practical.  My intention is that others participate in my idea formation, and the end product is feasible.  This is the crux of brainstorming (at least my definition - the participation of all to hone an infeasible idea into a feasible one.) 

Talking and discussing something before putting it into action is a great thing.  Old, somewhat deaf people (who are probablyJerry Seinfeld saying hello. the primary consumer of this product) should have tested the airtag thing out first.   My idea for the airtag is to have a loud “hello”  Seinfeld voice come from device.

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