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Notes from Steve

September 24, 2015

A mouse ran across my living room last week. I hate mice. I completely freaked out and now have traps set all over my house. I now wear shoes all the time in the house and carry a flashlight with me wherever I go. My large dormant cat pointed out the mouse to begin with, but then sauntered over to his mat and proceeded to rest while I carried on. After my anxiety attack I calmly explained to him that he has one job – kill things. Whether it’s a cricket or a mouse, he is the killer … the assassin … the crip to their blood … He lethargically disagreed.  


Since this has consumed my time – I felt the need to explain and process this at work. A friend at work who will remain nameless* explained to me that mice can jump onto your bed and climb walls. Well, that put whole new spin to my anxiety. Jordan told me about sleeping over at a friend’s house and a mouse crawled on her neck. (this bit of news almost sent me over the edge)


So with my left eye twitching I will conquer this fear. Whether it is in catching the elusive mouse or just dealing with it somehow, life will go on. Our lives are constantly filled with anxious moments and eye twitching adventures, if we let every little thing become our obsession, we will never rest. Onward.


*Lisa W.


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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