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May 4, 2017

Wow, what a beautiful spring day.  May is the best month of the year.  By far.  It’s the month of new things (flowers and leaves) and graduations.  It’s the month of May baskets and moms.  It’s the month of remembrance … seriously, it’s got everything.  (except Halloween, which is awesome.)

Annie – a local musician and I were just talking in the hallway.  She is a living legend around here – I have so much respect for her (she’s behind the Texas Jam musicians in the area).  Anyway, Annie asked if I was playing my guitar.  I told her that honestly, I haven’t played much in the last year.  We talked further about how sometimes you have to put something down for awhile so you can regain fondness for it.  That’s me and my guitar, the break is good, and I’ll appreciate it so much more when I get back into playing. 

This is why spring in Iowa is so great.  Because we are away from the beauty and appreciation of what nature can do.   If we lived in an environment that was great all the time, we wouldn’t have the “wow” factor that May brings. 

But from a different perspective, when I visit orientation for the new employees every couple of weeks we talk about how friendly and caring Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics is.  They usually remark that you don’t see this level of friendliness elsewhere, which always catches me off guard.  Then I think, if we live this every day in and out, we come to accept this as our reality. 

Soooo … I guess if we could have perfect weather all the time, I’d pick that.  Sure, January and February in Iowa make you appreciate May more than people (probably) in California appreciate May, but if I could have this month year round, I’d do it in a heartbeat. 

Yay! flowers and smiles.

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